Great sound from JBL Charge 2+

Probably, the greatest travel companions for solo travelers are the earbuds. But, when there is more than one person, Bluetooth speakers become the facto standards for streaming music from media players and smartphones. These small speakers actually deliver a high-quality sound and are doing a great job. However, a portable speaker needs to cover some clear requirements, like to be able to resist damage from both liquids (being dropped in the snow, from rain) and solids (sand or dirt). 

It is hard for a company to design a speaker to withstand exposure to these elements. This hard job will lead to some compromises in its ability to reproduce music. When the job is not well done, users will end up with a device that doesn’t deliver a high-quality sound. However, when the job is well done, they will get something like the new JBL Charge 2+. 

Customers who are in search of some Bluetooth speakers that deliver lots of bass and don’t cost a huge amount of money, need to try the new JBL Charge 2+. This portable speaker costs approximately 150 dollars and delivers a balanced musical experience. This speaker can operate either horizontally or vertically, featuring three bumpers on the right-hand side and a base on the bottom, which is meant to keep the cylinder from rolling around when it’s horizontal. 

On the top of the speaker, users will find buttons with LED backlights, which control the power state, Bluetooth connectivity and the statues of social mode and speakerphone. JBL Charge 2+ also comes with three connections positioned on its base: an auxiliary input for making wired audio connections, a micro USB port for charging its internal battery and a USB Type A port that allows users to tap the speaker’s 6000mAH battery to charge the phone.

Social mode and speakerphones are two special features that users will find on the new JBL Charge 2+. Social mode will allow users to pair up with three other users using their Bluetooth devices. This means that they can share their music without physically sharing files. As for speakerphones, users can take a call on their paired smartphone and use the speaker to hear the caller, meaning that they can talk in a hands-free mode.

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