Great expectations from iPhone 5

On Tuesday, Apple is set to release the much-expected iPhone 5. The fans of the IT giant’s products are counting the hours until they will be wowed by the new sexy, intelligent, efficient device. Will Apple’s new product rise to the expectations?

Hour before the release of the iPhone 5, The Wall Street Journal comments on the expectations of the customers regarding the performance and the design of the device. “For years, Apple has won converts in part because of the freshness of the iPhone’s design and software capabilities that didn’t exist elsewhere”, the publication says about the company that sold more than 128 million iPhone devices since the first release in 2007.
Despite the strong competition that is rising everyday (mainly referring to Research in Motion’s Blackberry and Motorola’s Droid Bionic), Apple is expected to be the number one provider on this market sector. According to the results of several surveys from the summer of last year, nearly 50% of the people questioned, that were thinking of buying a smartphone in the following three months, said that they would buy an iPhone. However, according to Nielsen Co, Apple is far from being the leader of the smartphones market on the United States of America territory. With only 28%, the company is just a bit over two thirds of the percentage that Android accounts for – 43%.

Apple, which remains the biggest producer of smartphone handsets, is counting on futuristic designs and strong new software. But according to the analysts, these characteristics will not be able to keep the company at the number one spot forever. “There has to be a point where the expectations outrun the abilities”, believes Roger Kay of Endpoint Technologies Associates. In other words, at one point, customers will dream of a radical design that will probably not satisfy the functioning of the phone.

Despite the predictions that seem natural, as they present the steps in any natural process of creation, Apple has managed to escape the vicious circle before. It reinvented the iPod so many times that nobody could predict what was going to hit the shelves next. 

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