GrapeStars Celebrates Women’s Entrepreneurship Day With Wines and Spirits

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The 19th of November is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, and GrapeStars will be celebrating 8 stars who have made their own path in the highly competitive spirits and wine market.

Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick is a barrier-breaking pioneer who had to beat her rivals. As professional race car driver, Patrick competed in a sports that was heavily dominated by males and the majority of her career was dedicated to in proving the doubters with the right information. Her success in the race track has her changing gears to business off the track, such as her venture into the world of wine. With Somnium which is a Napa Valley winery that is located in Napa Valley, producing various whites and reds, Patrick is able to bring a little of her edge in the production of wine. Although she’s out of her motorsports professional career, Patrick’s new mantra will be to “Eat the food you want and drink the wine you like.” It sounds like a recipe for success for us!

Kate Hudson

American actress, author and fashion businesswoman Kate Hudson is no stranger to the spotlight, or to achieving success. Beginning her acting career at the age of 11 Hudson was able to master her craft, earning the accolades both on and off screen, particularly with her launch of the popular brand of athletics Fabletics. When it came time to put her unique spin on the spirits market Hudson was inspired by her childhood memories of hosting celebrations in the neighborhood of King St. in Manhattan which led to the creation of King Street Vodka. Gluten-free, non GMO corn, and made with alkaline water that has been refined seven times to ensure pureness The inspiration behind King Street Vodka is a warm invitation to all to come together and enjoy the good times with a drink. It is smooth enough to drink on its own or to your favourite mixed drinks, King Street Vodka is available from GrapeStars.

The Bella Twins

The Bella Twins fought their way to fame literally. After making the move to Hollywood and attempting out for a few reality-TV-based jobs, but they eventually got an opportunity to join World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). As professional wrestlers Nikki as well as Bree Bella began their climb to a career in the ring by honing their craft and using their personality to draw the interest of fans of wrestling and increase their following. It was however a prominent part of the E! show Total Divas that introduced the Bella Twins to a larger audience, transforming them into instant superstars that were loved by all over the world. Since their departure from wrestling the Bella Twins have ventured into sponsorships that go beyond the mat, which includes the debut the Belle Radici collection of wines. In Italian, Belle Radici is a reference to beautiful roots. Italian The Napa Valley based vineyard provides an ideal setting for showcasing Belle Radici’s large, powerful structure , with smooth and sophisticated notes.

Rita Ora

Rita Sahatciu Ora is a actress, singer, and songwriter who has experienced a variety of twists and turns along her journey to becoming a superstar. Ora was forced to endure an extended and long-winded journey to a lucrative career before becoming a breakout star within the last few years. Her success was able to translate into the studio to major brand endorsements as well as TV appearances that only helped establish her status as an international household name. Being someone who has fought to climb the ladder to achieve success It was only right to harness her talents and drive to create an extremely premium brand called Prospero Tequila. Made by the an expert Mexican Distiller Stella Anguiano, Prospero Tequila is an exquisitely crafted spirit that is as distinctive and unique as the women who created it. It has an unbeatable flavor that is smooth elegant, perfectly balanced end. Help support this female-owned brand on GrapeStars.

Gia Coppola

Making films and wine is the blood of her. Granddaughter of Francis Ford Coppola and niece to Sofia Coppola, Gia spent much of her youth within the shadows fame and fortune as a film director, both on the film set and among the grapevines in Napa Valley. Gia is currently blazing her own trail as a director of films, and is determined to make her name known especially through her own line of wines. As part of the family Coppola line, the Gia range of wines are easy and simple, expressing the character Gia is known for through her entire life. Perfect for gatherings with people, and with labels that represent Gia’s artistic flair.

Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power

As an author, producer, entrepreneur and former models, Cameron Diaz has worn various hats in her career. Her power as a star is surpasses her peers and her appearance instantly recognized all over the world. But when it came down to enjoying her favorite drink most, a glass vino, she became shocked to discover that the majority of wine was laced with additives. After what started out as a casual conversation between acquaintances (over wine, of course), Diaz and partner Katherine Power started to question whether they were aware of what the wine they were drinking was made of. They were shocked to discover that winemakers aren’t legally required to reveal the ingredients that go into their wine. This set them off on a quest to develop an array of wines that are filled with natural goodness and are free of numerous unintentional and undetected additional ingredients. The result was that Avaline Wines was created. Avaline Wines is comprised of reds, whites, and roses, every bottle of Avaline is a mouthwatering experience and clean ingredients. It also has a bold transparent, giving you an alcohol you can enjoy drinking. Get Avaline today on Grapestars.

Kendall Jenner

As a well-known socialite, media personality and model every thing Kendall Jenner’s activities are put subject to scrutiny across the globe. With millions of followers and followers following the every step she takes, Jenner knows how much influence she can exert in shaping the public’s opinion, particularly in relation to merchandise or promotion that bears her name. This is why she put extra effort into in preparing her first business venture called 818 Tequila. “For almost four years I’ve been on a journey to create the best tasting tequila,” Jenner posted in her Instagram to her 200 million users. The work is paying dividends since the brand has been praised for its quality and has been named the best Reposado Tequila at the World Tequila Awards as well as the Chairman’s Trophy at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge. With Kendall’s influence on the brand, it is likely that 818 to be an iconic brand for many decades to in the future.


Music icon from the world Pink (born Alecia Moore) is not a stranger to getting their hands filthy. She is known for her savage lyrics, as well as her ferocious sometimes acrobatic stage shows, Pink often redefines what is meant by being a music artist. In the absence of the spotlights of the big stage Pink is just as flexible, and embracing passion projectslike the founding company Two Wolves wine. It was the result of several years traveling, where she enjoyed a good glass of wine with strangers and friends, Two Wolves is the result of Pink’s belief that it is all feasible. “I’ve always been a dreamer, a believe and a seeker,” Pink says. Pink along when she launched Two Wolves she set out to map her own path and spent years perfecting her craft in order to create an array that includes California reds that all express her unique mark in the global marketplace.

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