Grand Jury Canceled In Trayvon Martin Case

The Trayvon Martin case is far from resolution as authorities are slow in coming to a conclusion. It seems that the overall matter is being handled with gloves and they’re trying hard not to bring more focus to the controversial case. However, the latest decision of the special prosecutor assigned to the matter might have stirred more anger in the community. Angela Corey decided to cancel the grand jury in the Trayvon Martin shooting case.

The way in which authorities have dealt with the Trayvon Martin shooting case has generated a feeling of discontent and anger within the community where the murder took place. But not only Sanford has been drawn in the case, as over the past few weeks the entire Florida reacted almost instantly and loud asking authorities to do their job appropriately.

But, if the governor tried to calm things down by assigning a special prosecutor to oversee the investigation, now that the case should get on trial, Angela Corey made a decision that isn’t exactly textbook. For capital cases a grand jury is usually requested, but when a case is more controversial, prosecutors take on the matter by themselves to avoid making a case even more interesting to the media.

Angela Corey decided the case did not need a grand jury’s supervision or conclusion and is determined to make the decision on charges alone. This is what Corey’s office had to say related to the grand jury cancelation in the Trayvon Martin case: “The decision should not be considered a factor in the final determination of the case. From the moment she was assigned, Ms. Corey noted she may not need a grand jury”.

The grand jury panel was scheduled to meet today, at the request of the former prosecutor in the case, State Attorney Norm Wolfinger with the Seminole County. But Corey feels capable to handle the matter: “I always lean towards moving forward without needing the grand jury in a case like this. I foresee us being able to make a decision, and move on it on our own”.

Benjamin Crump, attorney for Trayvon Martin’s parents, said he wasn’t surprised by the announcement and hopes “that a decision will be reached very soon to arrest George Zimmerman and give Trayvon Martin’s family the simple justice they have been seeking all along”.

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  1. Dismissing the grand jury does not leave the case in limbo. Rather it frees the prosecutor to charge as she sees fit.
    Based on the repeated and excruciating screams heard a minute or so before the shot is fired, Zimmerman had the opportunity not to shoot Martin. Since he shot him anyway, the prosecutor has enough evidence to bring a murder charge — this is so even if we assume that Zimmerman was initially punched and knocked down. Martin’s “help, help” pleas show that Zimmerman later got the upper hand, and could have waited for the police make the arrest. Instead, he shot an unarmed man pleading for help. This is enough to show criminal intent and a murder charge is therefore in order.
    As for race, it had nothing to do with Zimmerman’s decision to shoot — though it may have been a factor in his pursuing Martin at the outset. It certainly was a factor in the perfunctory investigation that followed. Nonetheless, Zimmerman, did not shoot Martin because he was black. He shot him because he was angry. So angry, in fact, that he could not hear Martin’s desperate pleas for help.
    Great anger, even when provoked, does not justify the killing of another human being.

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