GOP argues over immigration status

Based on a recent report published by Huffington Post the major representatives of GOP argued over immigration status on Thursday’s night debate. Newt Gingrich tried to show viewers that he is not soft when it comes to the issue of illegal immigration. California Rep. Xavier Becerra accused Mitt Romney of saying whatever the electorate wants to hear in order to get as many votes as possible.

Although he initially stated that illegal immigrants who have stayed in America for almost 20 years should not be deported, Newt Gingrich came up with some solutions to stop these occurrences. In his opinion, illegal immigrants should not be held responsible for coming to America, but states like Arizona and Alabama should be sued for having such strict laws. Moreover, the U.S. –Mexico border should be secured by 2014 and the so-called sanctuary cities, that is, towns with immigrant-friendly laws should be prohibited. Gingrich further added that sanctuary cities should no longer receive federal aid because they deliberately violate federal laws.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, thinks the issue of illegal immigration could be solved if “non-resident aliens” working in U.S. were assigned identification cards. Xavier Becerra immediately replied by saying that Romney’s statements are influenced by the public’s opinion. According to a recent poll, the majority of the American voters think that illegal immigrants should be given the chance to legalize their status. Consequently, Becerra claims that Romney doesn’t want illegal immigrants to remain on the territory; he only declares so because he wants to win the elections. 

The measures that Mitt Romney suggested at the beginning of the month raised a lot of discontent on behalf of the viewers. According to his recent calculations the former governor stated that almost 11 million people would probably be deported if the country doesn’t agree to identify them.

Jon Huntsman was more upset with the situation of the legal immigration. According to him, the current President is responsible for the fact that nobody wants to come to America anymore. As a matter of fact, the ailing economy of the country has determined foreign people to stay away from U.S. He also stated that legal immigrants play a major role in the economic stability of America.

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  1. Watch on youtube “AZtlan Rising”

    and then ask yourself, why would the democratic party or any American citizen, support, protect or even encourage illegal immigration, since most illegal aliens (over 70% mexicans) don’t believe in becoming part of America, but instead they feel that this is their country and they are simply taking it back.

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