Google unwraps the Ice Cream Sandwich

After a long time of only scattered teasing information, Google had unvwrapped the “Ice Cream Sandwich”.This new operating system is supposed to merge the Android tablet OS Honeycomb 3.0 with the smartphone platform the Gingerbread 2.3.

During the press conference held on Wednesday, Andy Rubin, Android head developer, stated that the new technology is meant to take its customers beyond smart. “We took all of the innovation that’s available at Google, and put it into developing this phone”.

Some of the most exciting new features the new Android provides include: the enhancement of the Google previous applications, Chrome bookmarks that can be now synced to the mobile phone, anonymous browsing, a new gmail application that can auto program responses when the users are busy and a superior organization of sub folders.

At the same press conference, Matias Duarte, in charge with the users experience department, revealed the key feedback values that the Android was based upon. They aimed to compile three core functions, the product needed to be enchanting, simplify its users lives and make them feel smart.

The Ice Cream Sandwich spoils its future users with another cutting edge feature, the Android Beam, a technology found in only a few android handsets that provides the easiest possible content sharing. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone owners can from now on simply tap their devices together in order to share content. For example, if one user is reading this article on their browser tapping his phone to another nexus will bring the same page up on the other device screen. Or if one user plays a specific game the tapping to another nexus will bring up a downloading link on the receiving device’s screen.

Furthermore, the new Android provides a face recognition security feature designed to lock out any other face approaching the device than its owner’s.

The Ice Cream Sandwich technology will launch as part of a Nexus branded device developed by Samsung. J.K. Shin, president of Samsung, stated that their “close alliance with Google has played a major role in Samsung becoming the number one Android smartphone manufacturer in the world”.

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