Google Unveils “Project Glass”

According to a recent announcement published on the Google + page, the Internet company has unveiled the much-awaited “Project Glass”. Google plans to revolutionize the world with this new pair of glasses because people will be able to perform the same activities as with their smartphones without using their hands.

The project for the specially designed glasses hasn’t been started yet because Google wants to see the public’s reaction first. For this reason, the firm produced a video showing everything that the pair of glasses can do for you. Even though the idea looks very attractive, most people might fail to see the utility of this product. Let’s take a look at the glasses before we make any assumptions.

The video offers insights into the life of a guy who owns a pair of “augmented reality” glasses. As soon as he wakes up, he sees several Android-like icons “floating” in the air. Later on, the user gets information about appointments while making coffee, weather reports when he takes a look out the window and receives a text message from a friend while eating his breakfast.

The only thing the user needs to communicate with the glasses, to obtain traffic data and to access Google maps is voice command. Thanks to this feature, the guy in the video sets his glasses to show him the walking route to his desired destination, to snap photos when he sees something interesting and to make video calls with his friends.

Google doesn’t know whether they should make this project or not because they haven’t determined how many people would buy the glasses. As temping as this idea may be, it is nevertheless, unattainable because most voice command features fail to understand what you are asking them to do. Unless the company manages to come up with a perfectly built voice recognition program, the glasses will not succeed in attracting customers. Just picture yourselves arguing on the streets with an invisible entity that makes you repeat your words over and over again. Not a very dignified image of oneself.

So far, the company did not mention other advantages of the glasses besides increased mobility and accessibility. There may be a hidden benefit, though… Google employees will no longer be ashamed of wearing their nerdy spectacles, once everyone will use the “augmented reality” glasses.

What do you think? Would you buy these glasses?

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