Google Touts The Stand-Alone Android Keyboard

Google published a new post on Thursday on their online blog informing customers that from now on they will be able to use the keyboard as a stand-alone program. The Google Keyboard may be downloaded from Google Play store, according to CNET News.

Google has decided to improve its keyboard by making it a stand-alone app. The program is now available on Google Play store and it is a lot easier to use than similar apps available on the Internet. Google Keyboard has been provided with additional features that haven’t been available until now; the “Gesture Typing” for instance, allows users to drag the fingers from one letter to another and type various words.

Google claims users have many more reasons to download their keyboard because it has been provided with numerous facilities in comparison with the other swipe-to-write keyboards. The most notable difference is, in Google’s opinion, the fact that this program is free, while rivaling apps are not. In addition, users will benefit of next-word suggestion, auto complete, voice recognition and support for 26 languages.

The software company has further explained that the current version of the stand-alone keyboard will be improved in the future with many more facilities and options. The keyboard only supports English language for the moment, but it will be enriched with all the 26 languages that Google has promised in the description of the new app.

There are some inconveniences, as well. The company announced that Google Keyboard is compatible only with the newer versions of Android, such as, Android 4.0 and above. The company did not specify whether the keyboard will become compatible with older versions of software in the future. The fact that the keyboard works with Android 4.0 and above could limit its download rate for the moment as recent reports show that most smartphone users have Gingerbread, while download rates for Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich are still very low.

Google concluded the blog post by specifying that the stand-alone Android keyboard was introduced not as a rivaling product against other swipe-to-write keyboards, but rather as a competing program against Samsung and HTC. The post wrote that SwiftKey and TouchPal continue to be the company’s favorite keyboards.

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