Google to Release Nexus 8 in July

Reports reveal that Google plans on releasing Nexus 8 in July. It seems that the company plans on partnering with Asus for this project. 

It is rumored that the new tablet from Google will be released this summer, so Google plans on launching a successor to its highly successful Nexus 7.

DigiTimes reported that sources confirmed these rumors. According to them, Google will work with Asus to develop the new tablet. 

The new tablet will come with an 8-inch display screen. Of course, this means that Google might be thinking of replacing its 7-inch tablets.

The same sources revealed that Google’s plans are actually determined by the evolution of the market. 

According to sources, Google plans on avoiding the competition in the 7-inch segment. It said that the company was not happy at all with the sale figures it registered in 2012 and 2013 and it seems that the reason for the lack of a great performance is the high competition on the market. 

The new tablet is rumored to be powered by the next generation OS, which will most likely be Android 4.5 or maybe even Android 5. 

The official announcement on the release of this new tablet might be made by Google this spring. The company is said to be working at 2 million units of its new product for the initial release. However, when it comes to the release date, reports are contracting each other. 

While some claim that the new tablet will be released in July, others indicate that in late April it will already be available in sale. Still, it is less probable for Google to make this release next month.  

Naturally, all these rumors can turn out being untrue, so there is no word yet on what Google plans on doing and what the company has prepared for its customers. Still, anything may happen. 

Google is said to discontinue its Google Nexus 7 to enter on the 8 inch market in direct competition with the successful iPad Mini, as well as the Samsung Galaxy 8.4 tab and the LG G Pad 8.3, which is the newest release on this market, debuting at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month. 

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