Google To Release Its Own Media Tablet

Despite Apple’s attempts to shut down Android, each day brings another blow for the Silicon Valley based company. There are more and more Android based gadgets and it is really just a matter of time, until one of them will be more innovative than iPhone or iPad. Perhaps you’ll get your hands on one as of 2012, as Google plans to release its own media tablet.

What’s worse for Apple is that the news regarding Google’s intention to produce and release its own media tablet is not a rumor. It comes directly from Google officials. The company’s Chairman Eric Schmidt told an Italian newspaper, Google intends to make a media tablet of the highest quality within the next six months to compete with Apple’s iPad.

As things look at the moment, it seems everybody is trying their hardest to make Apple’s present CEO Tim Cook lose his marbles. Ever since Steve Jobs died the competition is challenging Apple as much as it is possible and all the legal actions the company has initiated against Android supporters appear to be pointless.

Schmidt explained for Corriere della Serra that Jobs thoroughly understood the “revolutionary potential of the tablet” and came up with the amazing iPad, but in the end, it is the nature of capitalism for companies to compete.

Perhaps the news Google was preparing to produce its own tablet was enough to make Apple employees feel sick, but wait until they hear the rest. Schmidt said that Google is more than equipped to handle competition from new iPhone’s Siri voice assistant software:

“We have had the best voice translation software for a long time already, we can always use it to do things similar to Siri”. Plus, Schmidt emphasized Google already has this technology, so there’s no need to develop it, probably in advance of any allegations from Apple of illegally using their patents.

Joe Wilcox wrote on that “Google should do for Android tablets what it did with smartphones: Release a branded device that is reference design for manufacturers and always has the latest Android software for developers”. Wilcox is also the one to point out that releasing its first tablet within the next six months, might be a little too late for Google, since iPad 2 is the market leader by huge margin.

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