Google to Open Offices in San Francisco

Google is one of the biggest companies in the world, which keeps on expanding. Actually, the giant is said to currently work to open new offices in San Francisco. 

The company is working to create office spaces for the engineers that are going to work for Google, following the most recent purchases of the company. Reports reveal that Google is preparing a 35,000 square-foot building for its new team. 

The offices are going to be placed in the Mission neighborhood of the city. The first to report this news was the Financial Times, who claims that Google has been quite busy preparing the new space for its employees. 

The same report indicates that about 200 workers can fit into the new building of Google. Reportedly, this is the building in which will work the engineers that come with the latest acquisitions of Google. This might include workers at Nest Labs, SlickLogin, as well as Boston Dynamics.  

In the past few months, Google has shown quite a great interest in purchasing a series of companies that might help them achieve their business purposes. This include an Israeli security startup. 

The new report also reveals that Google might be very interested in expanding even more. The company is said to be willing to open other work spaces in the South Park area, as well as in the Silicon Valley area. The fact that Google plans on expanding in the Silicon Valley is not that shocking, having under consideration that the giant has its offices there. 

However, apparently San Francisco has become quite an important interest point for big tech companies, including here Twitter, Pinterest or Yammer, who have all opened offices in this American city. 

At this point, Google made no comments on the news that has just been released. However, it seems that what the company is trying to do is to focus on creating an environment for its employees in which they would love to come to work. This is why the company searched for something cool in the Mission. What Google plans on doing next is something about to find out.

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