Google to launch high-tech spectacles

Remember those secret spy movies you used to watch as a child and say ‘Boy, I wish I had James Bond’s lenses and use them to cheat at school’? Ok, maybe it was just me. Anyway, you probably didn’t think back then, that, one day, a non-fictional character would come and tell you that humanity is about to create a Mission Impossible-like device. And yet, here I am to inform you that Google is preparing to launch its first high-tech spectacles, according to CNET News.

Based on the report, the high-tech spectacles will use Google’s cloud-based location services to offer details about the user’s surroundings. Think this is amazing? Wait till you hear more. The spectacles will be able to give a 3D representation of the displayed information, thus creating the illusion of an augmented reality. The common name of this device will be ‘wearable head-up displays’ (HUDs), a name you might want to remember in case you want to buy them.

The best thing about these high-tech glasses is that they look just like any other spectacles. The difference is given by the small buttons on the arms of the spectacles. Nobody knows yet what technology will be used for the display of the glasses, but experts speculate that Google will most likely resort to a transparent LCD or AMOLED screen.

It appears that these glasses will be produced for IT giants like Google and Apple to make their way on the market of fashionable items. Apple, on the other hand, may produce an iPod that could be wrapped around the wrist in order to better communicate with Siri. Another Apple concept presupposes the creation of technology that could be placed on the body to ensure communication with smartphones.

CNET further reports that the eye glasses will be provided with a built-in GPS, whereas the Internet connection will be established through Wi-Fi or mobile phone connection. Since this project sounds very difficult to accomplish Google convinced experts from Nokia and Apple to join its team. Although the company refuses to make any comments on the news, it is believed that Google will soon team up with engineering universities and other companies that are prepared to work with wearable computers.

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