Google to Launch Android TV Platform This Summer

Reports reveal that the Android TV might be out sooner than what we imagine. In fact, it is believed that Google will launch its Android TV platform set this summer. 

GigaOm reported that the Android TV platform will appear in June. Sources who talked with this source reveal that this new device will actually be an amazing release. It will be a platform that manufacturers can use in TVs and set top boxes. The same report reveals that Google is just working at the platform and will not create its own hardware, as well. 

The new initiative is similar to the Google TV and some reports go on to reveal that it will not be much different from other media services available now on the market. Still, the main difference is that it will be more simply accessible, as all manufacturers will be able to easily include it into their devices. The new Apple TV platform will be offered by Google in addition to Chromecast, so users will have the possibility to choose.

Analysts seem to believe that with the release of the Android TV platform, Google is actually trying to create a viable platform and wants to prove that it can make it functional for everyone to be able to use it. It is believed that Google will present this new release at the company’s big developers conference in San Francisco, next month. 

What users need to understand about this rumored release is that it will not be a full device. It will actually be a platform that TV and set-top box manufacturers will be able to adapt to their own devices. To make the platform even more functional, Google is expected to partner with hardware companies on this project. 

Currently, the project is known at Google under the name Pano. The main idea on which the platform is based is that users will be able to play a TV show or game since the moment when they turn it on. There will be no need to launch an app, reports reveal. This provides more comfort to the user, compared to other services existent nowadays. 

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