Google to Launch Android TV

Google has decided to make an interesting and quite an impressive release. The tech giant is said to launch the Android TV. 

This Google release is not shocking at all. In fact, it was expected for Google to show interest in the television market. So, this move that the company has made was not a surprise. Google is planning on releasing a smart TV product. The new set top box promises to be much simpler to use than other initiatives that Google has had so far. 

So, this is not the first time when Google shows interest in this market. Previously, the company has shown to be willing to invest in this domain. The idea that Google is using to base its product now is to give users a simple interface for accessing entertainment content and lightweight apps. 

At this point there are no other details regarding this new release. Naturally, Google confirmed nothing until now. Rumors indicate that Google is in fact searching for developers who are going to work at this new product. It is claimed that the company is actually recruiting experts to build apps for Android TV. 

The news on Google’s most recent plans come after Amazon announced that they will be releasing the Fire TV. Maybe Google was motived by this release to hurry up its plans. The most recent reports say that the Android TV will be simpler than the Google TV, being focused on games, as well as on apps. 

Probably, this is the reason why Google is searching for a team of developers to work at new apps for its most recent product. Naturally, the new rumors have made everyone think why is Google willing to release this new product when they are enjoying quite a great success with Chromecast. 

It is believed that the Android TV will come with remote control, providing users access to Google services, including here the popular YouTube, Play Music, Play Movies and Search. 

Of course, the plans that Google might have are not simple to discover. Most likely, we will find out exactly what Google plans on doing in the near future. Still, the new rumors on the Android TV show that Google has not given up its plans to enter the smart TV market.

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