Google To Help Run Wireless Networks in Emerging Markets

Based on a recent reports published by the Associated Press, the giant software company, Google will provide funds to help run wireless networks in emerging markets. The Android maker plans to connect a billion or more new people to the Internet, an improvement which could have positive consequences for Google’s smartphones and tablets.

Google will team up in the following period with telecommunication companies to develop wireless networks in emerging markets. The areas that will benefit of the new networks are located in the sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. Inhabitants living in the major cities around these regions where wired Internet connection is not available will also benefit of Google’s plan.

The spokespersons of the software company have been telephonically contacted, but they refused to make any comments in relation to the news. Google will have to convince local regulators in countries like South Africa and Kenya to adopt new rules that would allow wireless networks to be built en masse. The low-cost smartphones and microprocessors running on Android represent one of the steps that the company is willing to make to help people connect to the Internet.

Sources that are familiar with Google’s plans have further added that the company will adopt different measures for different locations, depending on their particular needs. “There’s not going to be one technology that will be the silver bullet,” the sources have explained.

The plans that Google has established for the sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia show the Web search giant’s intention to control the way people access the Internet. Its smartphones and tablets, as well as the newly announced Google Glass project make it easier for people to access the Internet no matter their location.

The increasing Internet accessibility would further bring benefits to the software company, according to analysts. Getting more people to use the Internet would create more potential users of the company’s search engine, as well as, YouTube and other online services. Advertising revenue would also grow thanks to the worldwide wireless connectivity. 87% of the company’s annual $50 billion is derived from online ads, so Google has many reasons to invest in the development of emerging markets.

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