Google to Buy Titan Aerospace

Google has purchased Titan Aerospace, managing to make this acquisition before Facebook. Even though it has been rumored for quite some time that Facebook is interested in such an acquisition, it seems that Google managed to make it first. 

It has already been revealed that Titan Aerospace will be working at the Project Loon. The purpose of this new project actually is to bring cheap Internet to certain areas of the world. It seems that high-altitude balloons for cheap Internet will be flying in rural areas. 

Titan Aerospace is well known for its solar-powered drones which fly to quite impressive heights, of up to 19.8 kilometers above sea level. Titan claims that its drones are unique thanks to the fact that they can fly alone for years, with no need to be brought to the ground. 

For several weeks it had been rumored that Facebook is very interested in purchasing Titan. Apparently, Facebook has a plan to bring cheap Internet to certain areas from the world, too. Facebook’s interest in Titan seemed to have paled once the company purchased Ascenta, which can provide them the same type of technology. Now, Google seems to believe that drones are the best way to bring Internet to certain parts of the world. 

The purchase of Titan by Google has already been confirmed by the company. In a post to its website, Titan claimed that they are absolutely thrilled that Titan Aerospace will be joining Google. “At Titan Aerospace, we’re passionate believers in the potential for technology (and in particular, atmospheric satellites) to improve people’s lives,” the statement said. 

It also added that the technology that Titan is working at aims to help people by “providing internet connections in remote areas or helping monitor environmental damage like oil spills and deforestation. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited to learn from and work with our new colleagues as we continue our research, testing and design work as part of the Google family.”

A spokesperson for Google confirmed the fact that everyone is thrilled with the new collaboration. Google seems to believe that this collaboration can actually help them reach the technology that can improve the world. “It’s why we’re so excited to welcome Titan Aerospace to the Google family,” a spokesman for Google said. 

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