Google Street View catches nude lady, blurs it eventually

Google’s Street View catches nude people on camera again and this time it was a head-to-toe naked lady. The photo was eventually blurred. This is not the first time (nor the second, nor the third) that the service has broken into the intimacy of people and brought them their 15 minutes of fame in a way they might have never dreamed before, nor wanted.

CNet reports the latest “good deed” of Google’s Street View service. This time it posted a photo of a street in Miami, where a woman, in her home, but outside the house, was catching the sun as naked as she could be. She was in near the front door, all nude. Apparently, at one point, the woman spotted the recording vehicle of Google, as she reportedly tried to find something to cover herself up.

The photo of the Miami naked lady was posted yesterday and was blurred only this morning. As you can see, not only you cannot see what she was NOT wearing, but you can’t even see her face. It is part of the privacy policy which the service finally applied after hours and hour is keeping the nude picture online.

As we said, Street View has made numerous victims in the same way. In November 2010, the cameras recorded a naked man sitting on his porch and reading. In March 2010, it caught on camera a nude girl in Taiwan, who was hanging on a window. In December 2009, a woman was caught naked on a parking lot in France, as she was getting out of her car.
Google’s Streetview is becoming, little by little, a nudes gallery. Who knows how many naked surprises are still waiting to be discovered? The company is facing numerous lawsuits in violation of privacy and apparently they will not stop in the near future.

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  1. As a nudist, I don’t care if I’m photographed. If someone is concerned with being seen and photographed nude, they shouldn’t be out nude, I guess. I don’t see how they have any more of a legal case than if they were clothed when nude and in public view.

    Photographers have a right to take photos as long as its not in a setting where one would expect to be provided privacy. Consequently, a photographer can’t set up a ladder to take a picture over a fence or place a hidden camera in a hotel room.

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