Google Smartwatch Leaks Online

Fans who were anxious to see how Google’s smartwatch will look don’t have to wait any longer. Some photos of the smartwatch prototype have leaked online. 

The photos were first published by the AndroidPolice, who claimed that the pictures were provided to them by an anonymous source, so we cannot know how that source entered into their possession. 

The prototype was codenamed the Gem, and is said to have been branded as a Google Nexus device. The same report indicates that the product is under the development of Motorola Mobility. 

The photos that ended up online seem to be real, although it is yet unknown if they are accurate or not. The device has become known under the name of Google Watch. Now, it seems that the new smartwatch is quite similar to the Motorola MotoActv. 

The prototype presented in these leaked photos also shows that the new device will connect through small USB for charging. 

Previously, rumors indicated that Google is working with LG at the release of a smartwatch. Various rumors also revealed that the new device would be an Android powered one. 

Motorola revealed on Monday that the company will be working at a smartwatch. In its statement, Motorola said that they are currently working at this device, which most likely will be out later this year. It also added that the device will address customer issues such as style and battery life, so the new watch promises to be a great product. 

It is yet to see if this is exactly how the smartwatch will look like or these photos are just fakes. Moreover, the prototype that is now featured in these leaked photos might have been deeply changed before coming to market. 

It was expected for this product to be released in 2013. However, Google who owned Motorola between 2012 and the beginning of 2014, chose to abandon this partnership and offloaded Motorola to Lenovo. Naturally, this does not mean that the project has been completely abandoned by Google and Motorola. New smartwatch models are expected to be released in the near future, as this market actually seems to be in continuous growth.

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