Google Search Results Receive Design Change

In case you noticed a change in the design of Google’s search results, you are not the only one seeing it and there is nothing wrong with your computer. The tech giant has decided to change the design of its search results. 

So, Google is releasing a new design on search results, which includes removing underlines and increasing the font size. However, the change also comes with some new adjustments on the way ads are labeled in search results. 

Google’s intention to make these changes it not actually new. In fact, the design visible now on its search results is part of a change that Google has been working at since last fall. The first changes made by the famous search engine were seen in the results obtained on mobile devices. 

The change in AdWords was also first seen on mobile devices. Google announced this change back in September, removing the pink shading that was seen behind ads and replacing it with a small yellow box with the word ad, which actually precedes the ad itself. 

The company often runs experiments to determine if certain changes are beneficial or not. Google has tested various Ads labels for months now and this may still be just an experiment. 

However, it seems that Google is quite happy with the new design. “It’s cleaner and simpler, optimized for touch, with results clustered on cards so you can focus on the answers you’re looking for,” Amit Singhal, the senior vice president of search at Google, said. 

“We have to experiment with things and let the data tell you what to do. Like on the big banner ad people saw, we looked at the results and decided not to do it. There’s a team of PhDs gathering every piece of data we can about our experiments and if it doesn’t benefit users, we don’t do it,” Amit Singhal also claimed, according to Forbes. 

The change was visible on computers starting with November, but only for a small number of users. It seems that now Google has decided to make the change for its majority of users. The purpose of this refresh is to provide users a more consistent experience and a more convenient usage.

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