Google Search Queries To Display Your Gmail

The revamp Google is currently undertaking might easily get a lot of its users annoyed to the point of deleting their accounts. This Wednesday, the company was testing Google Search queries to be able to display your Gmail personal messages.

It might well be that Google is going just a bit over the line with its attempt of making the Google Search function all-knowing. Particularly since the new feature that displays your Gmail in Google Search queries might give access to your personal messages to complete strangers. 

Amit Singhal, senior vice president in charge of Google Search, told reporters at a press event in San Francisco, the Gmail results are currently in testing. There are only a limited number of users that can use Google Search to find stuff even from their Gmail account.

The New York Times reads that typing Amazon in a Google Search, while logged in your Gmail account, will deliver results such as your receipts. Basically the new tool in Google Search is supposed to help Google stay ahead and keep you current with your reservation.

Amit Singhal said the new features are “baby steps in the direction of making search truly universal”. But, when so many users are hacked, it’s hard to believe your private information will remain private.

Singhal talked about the privacy concern the new Google features prompt. “We have to do this very carefully, we know that” he said. “These are very useful things, services we need to bring to our users, and that’s the only way we can build the search of the future that we all want” added Singhal.

On the other hand, having Google Search queries displaying related Gmail personal messages might make sense if you tend to forget a lot of things. So if you’re looking for “my flights” in Google Search, the results will feature information about your upcoming flights based on the information available in Gmail.

It’s basically an extension of the recent service Google Now. You will receive notifications ahead of your lunch reservations or baby shower invites and so on. And the company plans to make Google Docs and Google Drive just as interconnected.

But, at the end of the day, it’s hard not to wonder whether Google is becoming just too intrusive in our personal data.

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