Google’s Search Engine Revamp Is For Real

The beginning of the week confirmed some old rumors that Google has big plans for its search engine. Engineers with the company announced that Google’s search engine revamp is for real. The changes are expected to be radical, so this is what you should be expecting from your Google search page in the upcoming months.

As competitors implement technologies, privacy policies and update their techniques to be more practical, Google has little time left to make sure it will set itself apart for good. So, first things first, engineers were assigned to come up with major changes that will make users’ experience better and also bring in more potential for ad revenue.

The announced changes will make the Google search engine a lot more functional and fast in delivering the exact results you are looking for. As Amit Singhai, top Google search executive, recently declared, the aim is to have the search engine be “how humans understand the world”.

Basically, as Amit Singhai explains, when you will be typing your keywords in the revamped Google search you won’t have to cross your fingers and “hope there’s a Web page out there with the answer”.

Last year, Singhai talked about retrieving the right information based on the entered keywords. He said: “search still feels very one dimensional. You give us a query and we return some results. It needs to be far more communicative. You need to be able to have a conversation with your search engine”.

The truth is that many of us use the phrase: “I don’t know. Let’s ask Google”, more often than not. Most times, our queries deliver correct answers from the first three links, but every now and then more complex searches require several steps before finding the needed answer. That’s what Google’s trying to change.

In the upcoming months, Google search is expected to become so accurate that it will deliver your precise answer instead of a link towards the information. For instance, let’s say your keyword search is “What are the biggest cities in the Midwest?”. To that query, Google might even give you the actual names of those cities instead of links towards the website containing the answer.

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