Google’s Moto X Phone To Be Released on August 1st?

Unlike other mobile phone producers, Motorola has chosen to organize a launching event during a less productive period of the year. Google’s Moto X phone was rumored to be released on August 1st, but the company has increased the confusion by making a teasing declaration this week, USA Today informs.

Rumors first appeared when Motorola started to send invitations to a launching event set to take place on the first day of August, the month that has been statistically the less productive when it comes to phone and device releases. According to the information provided on the invitation, the event was organized for the launching of Motorola’s latest phone, Moto X, which was long planned since Google has bought Motorola.

Just as analysts and consumers were getting ready to welcome the new phone, Motorola’s CEO Larry Page, made another teasing announcement on Thursday triggering people’s curiosity in relation to the Aug. 1 event. Tech lovers have all been waiting for the new Motorola phone, the first mobile device to mirror Google’s design.

The introduction of Moto X Phone on the market is surrounded by even more mystery given that Google’s executive could also announce the new Android version 4.3 the day following the Aug 1 release. It is unclear for the moment whether Moto X will be provided with the latest version of Android or not. Analysts are expecting to get more information during the release.

This year, many companies who have been less successful in the smartphone competition have chosen to release new devices in August. LG is another significant example; the South Korean company told the press that they will prepare a Manhattan event on August 7 to introduce its Optimus G successor.

The big question that arises after all these launching announcements is whether the new devices will manage to draw the audience’s attention or not. Most people go on holidays in August, so the upcoming launching events could fail to produce the desired outcome.

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