Google’s Mayer Becomes CEO At Yahoo

Yahoo may be close to getting a lifesaving deal with Marissa Mayer as the new CEO. Google’s Mayer becomes CEO at Yahoo at a time when the former internet glory is trying to spice up its game.

After a long struggle to resist dog-eat-dog competition from Google and Facebook, Yahoo managed to snatch some great people that might help revive it. Among Yahoo’s new management additions, the 37-year-old former top executive at Google Marissa Mayer steals the spotlight.

With Google, Ms. Mayer was responsible for the look and feel of some of the company’s most popular products. Among them the white search screen or the easy accessible and appealing g-mail service. “My focus at Google has been to deliver great end-user experiences, to delight and inspire our end users” she said of her job at Google.

With over 3 years of experience in Google and contributing to the rise of this internet giant, will she still be able to save Yahoo? This question arises considering that Mayer will be the third CEO this year of the once so popular internet service. Maybe this is because the other giants like Google and Facebook, tried to change their strategies while Yahoo continued to follow its own recipe.

Although, at the moment Yahoo isn’t at its greatest, judging by Mayer’s statement, she seems faithful and quite enthusiastic. She described Yahoo as one of the best brands on the Internet. And also recalled that back in the days, when she started at Google, Yahoo was so powerful that “people didn’t understand the difference between Yahoo and the Internet.” 

Fortunately for the once so popular internet brand, people seem to believe that bringing Ms. Mayer in the team has been an excellent move. David Filo, a co-founder of Yahoo, expressed his faith and excitement about the new CEO saying that “it will be a surprise for a lot of people.”

Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry told the Wall Street Journal Marissa Mayer would make “an excellent choice for exec VP of engineering”. But he argues Marissa Mayer isn’t the answer “if investors think that the problems with Yahoo are complex interrelations of strategy, business, technology, market and positioning”.

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