Google’s First Retail Store Coming Up

After earlier this week the media was munching on rumors about Amazon’s likely plans to open a physical store, now the rumors say that Google’s first retail store is coming up.

Bloomberg writes that based on a filing made by Google, the company might have plans to open its first retail store at its European headquarters in Dublin. It seems that the company took the decision after a previous trial at a computer shop in London was successful.

The Daily Telegraph was writing last October that Google opened a store inside the Currys and PC World London branch of Dixons Retail Plc. Apparently the decision was a trial for selling laptop computers running the company’s Chromebook operating system.

So far, Google does have a retail store selling Google branded products. Based at the company’s headquarters in California, the store itself isn’t open to the public but merchandise can be found at the online based Google Store, offering anything from notebooks to baby bibs carrying its logo.

Google’s Irish unit submitted a local planning application for what it looks like a first physical Google Store, which will be open to the public and sell Google branded merchandise. Bloomberg writes that based on that filing, Dublin Google Store will be located in the Montevetro office block on Barrow Street.

The filing the Google Irish unit made has been approved by Dublin City Council later last month. The details talk about a staff swimming pool, a restaurant and a store all in a 123 square meters space that includes an added mezzanine floor. Bloomberg writes that the “mezzanine floor will be used by business partners and contributors who don’t have full access to the building”. Its purpose is to make the unit “clearly visible from the public street and will create additional interest and animation”.

Google already owns the Montevetro site, after it bought it last year in April for about 100 million euros from Real Estate Opportunities Plc.
California based Google released the following statement: “While we do have the option to open retail space, we are examining all potential uses. No final decision has been taken”.

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