Google Releases Video To Explain Google Glass

Google has just released a new video explaining their upcoming device, Google Glass. Judging by the efforts they have made so far to promote their mobile gadgets, we could say that the company is somewhat worried that the product may not draw consumers’ interest.

It is for the umpteenth time that the software company produces a video to promote their upcoming product, Google Glass. The one-hour long video that is now available on the Internet doesn’t provide more details in respect to the other clips published at the beginning of the year. Google’s developers have done their best to prove users that the gadget is indispensable for their comfort and they should, therefore, purchase it the minute it will be released on the market.

The presentation sets forth the idea that Google Glass is helping people take a distance from technology; yet, the more correct formulation would be: helping people keep their hands off technology as you can’t distance yourself from something that is constantly in front of your eyes. Developers argue that the gadget enables people to perform more or less the same activities they used to do with their smartphones, but much faster and easier. The voice command is the key element making the distinction between the intelligent mobile phones we’ve used so far and the new generation of portable gadgets.

Google Glass easily recognizes commands, so people can record videos, take photos, chat, get directions, look up facts on the Web, etc. The video offers insights on the mechanisms that allow Google Glass to fulfill all these tasks, as well as a preview of the project’s Mirror API. Timothy Jordan, Google’s developer advocated concluded the video by saying that the new project brings technology closer (a.k.a. on their nose) to “get it more out of the way”.

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