Google Releases New Chromebook Pixel Laptop

Google has released a new Chromebook Pixel laptop proving people that the future is in cloud services, not in the space capacity of the device. According to the company’s declaration, the new Chrome-based laptop will introduce a totally different concept of laptop compared to the one we have known, so far, ABC News informs.

Google has decided to change the belief, according to which, the company only deals with software products, so there will be many more devices released on the market in 2013. The multinational giant has already made announcements for its future Google Glasses, whereas a new Chromebook laptop was released on early Thursday.

The new device has been provided with Google’s new operating system, Chrome. However, the majority of the technical aspects have been modified because Google is determined to introduce a new model of laptop that no longer requires large space capacities. The new model will most likely appeal to consumers who have gotten a taste of the cloud services offered by the Android maker.

Even though the new laptop has not been provided with a large hard drive, it, nevertheless, features the most advanced technology on the market. This explains why the notebook is much more expensive than the models released by Acer, Samsung or other similar companies. While the said companies have placed their products within the $200-$250 range, the new Google Chromebook laptop is much more expensive having a starting price of $1,300. Developers justify their price by saying that the components of the device are very resistant, whereas the technology they have chosen for the screen is one of the most resistant so far.

Google’s Pixels laptop is called this way because the screen has the highest resolution at present. The touchscreen has a 2560 x 1700 density, so images and texts are reproduced with an amazing accuracy. The exterior aspect of the machine has been slightly modified, as well, so the device is very sleek and elegant due to the anodized aluminum case.

The laptop features a Core i5 processor, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage space. Analysts have stated that the storage capacity is too small for the current needs of consumers, but Google has argued that customers will receive a free terabyte of cloud storage if they decide to purchase the laptop.


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