Google Releases Chrome 28 Beta

Based on a recent report published by CNET News, Google has decided to launch the beta version of its recently launched Chrome 27, the Chrome 28 which is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux. The program comes with many additional features, but the notification center is the most noteworthy among them all.

Google Chrome 28 is an app-friendly version of the 27 version, according to the declaration provided by the software company. Users, who will opt for this version, will receive numerous notifications from their apps. The phone alerts have been designed to provide as much information as possible, so owners would find them useful and engaging.

Notifications can be personalized according to people’s preferences and needs. They can contain texts and images, as well as suggested actions within the pop-up. App notifications are different from web notifications, so Chrome buyers should not mistake them. The former take the entire Internet experience to the next level by allowing people to read the messages and take actions without opening other pages. Notifications no longer depend on the browser as it was the case with previous versions, so Google Chrome 28 customers will receive alerts even if they are not connected to the Internet.

There are various types of notifications that people can select, depending on the format that best suits them. They can, thus, select the image format, which displays a picture or the list type, which enables users to collect all the content of various notifications and showcase them all under the form of a list. This option is extremely useful for email apps because it lists the content of multiple emails at the same time. Users can also prioritize their notifications and choose how long they want these to be available in the notification center.

Analysts have been very pleased with the description provided by Google developers, but it will take some time until they will finally be able to test the product. For the moment, they will have to take developers’ word for granted when they say that many of the glitches have been solved.

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