Google pressures developers to use its payment service

In an attempt to attract more customers, Google pressured mobile game developers to use its payment service, Google Wallet, says Reuters. The company justifies its requests by saying that they are trying to make it easier for customers to purchase smartphone applications. Developers, on the other hand, claim that Google tries to defeat Apple at the cost of other companies.

Several developers have been warned by Google in recent months to give up the payment methods they have used until now and replace them with the in-house service called Google Wallet. Developers, executives and investors in mobile gaming claim that the Internet search giant told them that their applications will be removed from the Android Market that is currently known as Google Play if they continue to use PayPal, Zong and Boku.

Developers explain that Google is trying to simplify the payment process in order to determine consumers to purchase more applications from its Android Market. The only problem is that Google Wallet is more expensive than the other payment services because it charges a higher cut per transaction.

Numbers show that many more customers prefer Android-based phones instead of iOS. The situation is a lot different for applications because people have proven reluctant in purchasing apps from Android Market. The explanation: the existence of so many services has burdened the payment process and customers prefer to get their apps from somewhere else. In addition, Google insists on using its own payment service in order to promote the in-house product and expand its array of services.

Si Shen, founder and chief executive of Papaya, one of the social gaming networks that may be found on Android Market, told the press that developers have 30 days to comply with the new rules or their apps will be “suspended” from Android Market. She further added that Papaya will obey to Google’s requests because they want to maintain a good relationship with the Internet giant.

So far, mobile game developers have had a good relationship with Google, which is why they prefer to continue their collaboration even if the demands of the company may not be correct. Google spokespersons were not available for comments when reporters contacted them.

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