Google Prepares To Sell Second Generation of Nexus 7 in July

Google is trying to expand its services beyond software, so the company will start selling the second generation of Nexus 7 in July. Based on a recent report published by Reuters, the Internet search giant is determined to sell more than 8 million items in the second half of the year. Unlike the first generation, the second generation of tablets will be endowed with upgraded components and options.

The second generation of tablets produced by Google, Nexus 7, is due to arrive on the market in July. The rumor was disclosed by reliable sources together with some of the technical specifications that will be added to the new model. The announcement is expected to trouble the other manufacturers of tablets as their low-end gadgets, Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Apple’s iPad could fall behind.

The second generation of Nexus 7 will be improved with many additional features because Google wants to increase the popularity of its tablet. The design of the tablet will be slightly modified; the upcoming Nexus 7 will have a thinner bezel, but the overall aspect will remain unaltered. The screen will have a higher resolution, whereas the processor of the first generation, Nvidia Corp’s Tegra 3 will be replaced by one of Qualcomm’s chips. The sources further revealed that Google chose Qualcomm’s processor because it is more powerful than the rest of the models; thus, giving a blow to Nvidia, which is competing aggressively against Qualcomm.

Although sources reassure reporters at Reuters that the information they have provided is accurate, the Internet search giant refused to make any comments in relation to the recent rumors. Neither the two American technology companies, Qualcomm and Nvidia have made any declarations about their implication in the production of the second generation of Nexus 7 tablet.

Google and other non-hardware companies have become more and more involved in the production of mobile devices after recent reports have shown that customers need to be able to access the Internet from any location. The software company released its first tablet in June 2012 after registering an unexpected success on the smartphone market.

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