Google Phases Out iGoogle

Google announced on Friday that they plan to phase out iGoogle starting in November 2013. According to the report provided by the Associated Press, iGoogle users will no longer be able to personalize their home page with the help of the applications provided by the Internet company.

iGoogle is a computer and mobile program that was meant to give users the possibility to customize their home page using the applications that are more appropriate for their needs. Google, however, released a statement on early Friday saying that the customization service will be phased out.

According to the Internet company, the decision was taken by the new CEO Larry Page who aims to eliminate 30 products in a housecleaning process. Page told the press that iGoogle for computers will be turned off in November 2013, whereas the mobile version will cease to be available at the end of the month.

iGoogle was first introduced on the market eight years ago, but the program was not as successful as the company had hoped. At first, the program was designed to attract users by allowing them to find the information they needed without too much trouble. Moreover, the customization service was meant to convince Internet users to make accounts. In the past years, however, Google has directed its attention towards other types of activities, such as, advertising, video, social networking and mobile devices; therefore, they think iGoogle has become obsolete.

Mobile technology has suffered important modifications since 2005 when iGoogle was launched. Nowadays, people use smartphone and tablet applications to stay up to date with the information they are interested in. Google Chrome is another service that people can use to get a wide variety of apps.

Matt Eichner, Google’s general manager of global enterprise search, explained on his personal website why the company needs to make this change. In his opinion, “the need for iGoogle has eroded over time”. In the beginning, tens of millions of people would access iGoogle, but figures started dropping since 2007. Although the company did not provide recent reports, analysts estimate that iGoogle is not making any profit in the present.

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