Google Partners with OnLive To Update The TV Services

Over the past few years, Google has launched an offensive in different markets that makes its competitors work harder and worry more about their own market share. It seems there’s nothing that can stop Google and attacking new markets is not an issue anymore. This year, among others, Google has decided to partner with OnLive to offer updated TV services.

In the television market, Google is still trying to emerge as a powerful competitor and if so far it hasn’t had much success, with LG Electronics and OnLive Inc by its side, things are poised to change soon.

Rishi Chandra, director of product management at Google, announced in an interview at the Consumer Electronics Show that the company has plans to release an updated version of software for its television service by the end of this year.

“We don’t intend to stop iterating. You’ll see cool interaction stuff, you’ll see a lot of cool things happening on the recommendation engine and on the discovery experience” said Chandra. He added that the company’s “software will eventually be able to track all the material people watch – including live programming and online videos –  and offer recommendations on other content they might enjoy”.

“We need to make it so that any time you turn on the TV we know what you want to watch”, added Chandra. If that statement sounded a little bit too much an intrusion in your private life, then you should be pleased to hear that such “personalized features will be opt in, and not mandatory for all users”.

According to Chris Dale, spokesman for Google, a third version of the Google TV version will be available starting the second half of 2012.  The second upgrade became active in October 2011, and since then, as the company reports, the number of service activations has doubled.

Steve Perlman, founder and CEO of OnLive, said that “consumers have come to expect instant gratification with music, movies and video” and Google’s third TV software version will offer just that. As Perlman reports, “now players in the US and soon in the UK can just as easily stream the highest quality games to their Google TV devices for play instantly on demand, without discs or downloads”.

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