Google Now To Replace Google’s Home Page

An unconfirmed rumor published on Google Operating System suggests that the software company might be considering the replacement of their home page with Google Now. A Chrome browser extension and several hidden codes on a website are the elements which pushed analysts into thinking that Google will soon introduce the new desktop version.

The writers working for the weblog that first published the rumor claim they have enough evidence to support their statement. They have, thus, posted a picture of the Web page containing hidden codes which have been used to test the new home page. The codes show what features have been added to Google New and introduce the visitors to the actions that the home page can perform.

The hidden codes have been highlighted by administers at the Google Operating System to help readers decipher the information. The code named “Get started with Google Now” contains all the necessary pieces of information that people need to be familiar with in order to understand the mechanisms of the new home page. Although Google Now was first introduced last year, Internet users have not had the chance of getting accustomed to it. The software was designed as a personal assistant which could provide predictive search in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Based on a previous declaration released by developers, the software company is willing to replace its existing customizable home page iGoogle with a different version. iGoogle was, thus, programmed to be shut down on November 1, 2013, but the company did not provide any other details in relation to the home page that is set to replace iGoogle.

The rumor has not yet been confirmed by Google’s spokespersons as the company declined to make any comments. Despite this, analysts are inclined to think that Google Now will be launched sometime this year due to the discoveries they have made in addition to the hidden codes. The Chrome desktop extension that could be used to open “Google Now” as a ‘new page’ tab is a strong indicator that the software company is planning to make a change.


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