Google Now Remembers Where you Parked Your Car

You have a problem with remembering where you parked your car? Now, you can benefit of the latest update to Google Now, which can help you find out where you left your vehicle parked. 

The update to Google Now actually remembers where you parked your car. This is the latest improvement that Google has brought to its Google Now. The new functionality is available for any user to access. 

So, the new updates introduces the Parking location card in this app. This helps users remember where they parked their cars and actually keeps a track of the previous parking locations. “You can use Google Now to find the approximate location of your parked car. You’ll see parking location cards if driving is your main mode of transportation in Google Now,” Google claims about the update brought to its app. 

Google also says that the new function works perfectly, but some analysts seem to disagree. It has been claimed that the new app is actually far from being perfect. Some say that it only offers an approximate location of the car, which can turn out being really useful in some situations. 

Well, despite the critics, Google seems very interested in improving the functionality of its Google Now. So, besides the new parking location card, the app will come with Revamped Reminders interface, as well as centralized list for nicknames, while some settings can be opened by voice. Another change featured in Google Now is that offline mode no longer clears all cards. 

Google announced that all these updates will be introduced to Google Now gradually, so this means that it will reach all devices in a few days. Naturally, as soon as the update becomes available for you, too, you may try its functionality and check out yourself if it really works. 

If the app is as functional as Google says, it will surely find numerous fans, who would love to make sure that they can always remember where they parked their cars. Not remembering where you parked your car can turn out being a real nightmare in some cases. This is why the update might be extremely beneficial for many users. 

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