Google Never Wanted to Buy WhatsApp

Reports indicating that Google was planning on purchasing WhatsApp are not true. Even though it has been revealed that the company planned on acquiring the service before Facebook, it seems that the rumors are false. 

After the acquiring of WhatsApp by Facebook it has been reported that the social network closed this deal before Google was able to reach an agreement with the founders of the app. So, it was claimed that Google was also interested in WhatsApp. 

Moreover, rumors indicated that Google was willing to pay no less than $10 billion, but the deal was finally closed with Facebook, which paid $19 billion for WhatsApp. Now, apparently all these rumors were false. 

Google went to deny the reports, saying that the famous company never made an offer for this app. The rumors were denied at this point by the senior vice president of Google, Sundar Pichai, who claimed that all these allegations are not true. The statements were made during the Mobile World Congress, this week. 

Pichai claimed that WhatsApp is a great product and probably a good deal for Facebook, but said that Google never intended to purchase it and never made an offer for WhatsApp. This means that all the rumors that have been on regarding this subject are just untrue. 

Mark Zuckerberg already claimed that he is extremely happy with the deal he made for the acquisition of WhatsApp, claiming that the company is worth much more than what he paid for it. So, according to the founder of Facebook paying $19 billion on this service has actually been a good deal. 

Even though rumors were denied by Google at this point, there still are some reports which indicate that Google CEO Larry Page met with the co-founder of WhatsApp in a secret meeting. It has been claimed that Page tried to convince Jan Koum to not sign a deal with Facebook. It was also said that WhatsApp and Google had a deal that supposed the service to announce Google when being approached for purchase by other companies. 

Other reports indicate that WhatsApp has formally asked Google the sum of $1 billion, but Google refused the deal. Naturally, both parties deny this ever happened. AppleInsider first reported this negotiation between the two, which dates back to 2013, according to the report.

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