Google Maps Smithsonian’s 17 Museums For Visitors

Based on a recent report published by the Associated Press, Google has mapped Smithsonian’s 17 museums in order to make it easier for visitors to find their way in the buildings. Starting on Tuesday, tourists will view the schemes of each and every museum room with the help of their smartphones.

Visitors, be they foreign or not, might find it difficult to get around the rooms of the Smithsonian museums. Luckily, the Smithsonian, along with Google, has adopted a measure to facilitate tourists’ access in the building. From now on, people who own smartphones can access the maps provided by Google to find their way inside the museums.

The program was adopted for many educational and highly touristic places, not just for the 17 Smithsonian museums. The National Zoo in Washington, as well as similar locations in Virginia and New York City will benefit of Google maps.

Visitors who want to use the facilities provided by Google, will have to install the Google Maps application on their Android-based devices. The maps cover almost 2.7 million square feet (250,838 square meters) of interior space, according to the press releases of the two companies. For the moment, Google has created maps only for those museums that attract millions of visitors, such as, the National Air and Space Museum, National Museum of American History and National Museum of Natural History. Nevertheless, the schemes for the National Portrait Gallery and other art museums will be completed, soon, so people will be able to access them, too.

The Smithsonian released a statement to explain visitors why they chose to work with Google and map 17 museums. According to them, tourists will learn many more details about the exhibits with the help of the online maps. In addition, developers have provided many other features that will make it easier for people to explore the buildings.

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