Google issues New Update for Google Play

Google has issued a new update for its Google Play. The company has chosen to update the way new apps are downloaded and purchased.

It seems that at this point, Google’s decision came as the company was several times accused that it makes it very simple for incidental purchases by children. The new setting that Google has made actually forces the user to enter a password at each new purchase.

The new setting will not bother users who are don’t want to introduce a password each time they access the app of the device. This means that they have the option to not enter again the username and the password.

Moreover, Google has introduced an additional warning, which tells users that they are installing an application with in-app purchases. This is a precautionary approach, according to the big company. Reports reveal that this change comes following a lawsuit that a woman has filed against Google.

The woman filled this lawsuit against the company, as she says that accidental buys made her pay over $66 for Android apps. The woman actually claimed that the purchases were in fact made by her 5 year old son. The boy purchased the game Marvel Run Smash!. The lawsuit was filed in San Francisco in March.

The new password protection setting will ask your password at each purchase, so this will confirm the buy, no matter if it is for a new app or within an app.

Reports reveal that the update is already up in the Play Store for Android users. The new system also requires a password if there is a gap it detects at more than half an hour between the current buy and the last purchase. There is a similar system found in the app stores on iOS devices, including the stores on iPads and iPhones.

So, there are three options that the new update will give users. They can go to settings and choose to enable password-protection for each buy or they can choose the two-password protection at every 30 minutes option. They may also disable password protection.


Google has previously been accused of trying to tempt kids into buying games and apps, so there is no wonder that the company reacted. 

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