Google Glass Compatible With Facebook, Twitter

Based on a recent report published by ABC News, Google Glass will be compatible with two of the most-popular social networks at present, Facebook and Twitter. The company revealed a series of applications for their wearable device during a statement on Thursday, making analysts and customers more curious about the new device.

The software company did not disclose many details about its new Glass project during the I/O Developer’s Conference for reasons that remain unknown to us. The big surprise came on Thursday when the company revealed several applications that will be used for the highly technological shades. Apparently, social networks and companies are jostling each other to create applications for Google’s Glass.

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Elle magazine are just a few of the companies that have prepared apps for the yet out-of-reach glasses. Thanks to these new programs, Glass wearers will be able to quickly share their photos with their friends on the social network. The company did not reveal whether users will have the possibility to control the social networks with the help of their face expressions and gestures.

One thing is for sure: the newly added apps increase the number of features that Google Glass wearers may use. According to the company’s declaration, Facebook users can only share the photos they take with their glasses, but many more options will be added in the future. Twitter, on the other hand, has been much more generous with its subscribers; the Twitterverse also allows customers to receive notifications and send messages, in addition to the option of sharing posts and pictures. Twitter engineering manager Shiv Ramamurthi wrote in a recent blog post that Google Glass owners will be able to perform more or less the same Twitter actions as they used to with the non-wearable devices.

Social networking is not the only task that people will be able to do with the help of the glasses; various news applications have also been created for the wearable device. CNN and Elle have been the first to announce their support for the Google Glass project.


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