Google Glass Available To All Consumers in 2014

Google Glass might take longer to produce as Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google, stated on Monday that the wearable device will be available to all consumers in 2014.The first headsets have already been shipped last week, but the software giant will enact new changes before releasing the final version of the device, CNET News informs.

Google wants to be the first to release the highly modern portable devices, but the Glass is far from perfect. The project could undergo multiple changes in the months to come, so Eric Schmidt estimates that the final and complete version of the handset will only be available next year. Despite the minor glitches that the project could feature, some customers have already ventured into ordering the high-tech glasses. The first items were shipped last week, so customers who missed the opportunity of ordering the Explorer Edition will have to wait until 2014.

Based on Schmidt’s declaration, developers have already started working at the improved version of the Explorer Edition Glass, but it is too early to estimate the end of the project. The Executive Chairman of Google further stated that the company could have provided a deadline, but they are not sure whether developers will be able to finish the project by the end of the year or not. They prefer to gather feedback from the customers who have purchased the Explorer Edition and perform various upgrades on the Glass until 2014.

The first to estimate that the final version of Glass will not be released sooner than 2014 was Google co-founder Sergey Brin. He stated during an official presentation of the Glass project in 2012 that the Explorer Edition will be ready in 2013, but the consumer version will be released a year later. Although various reports have been published in relation to the official release date, the company did not make any comments yet about the price range of the new device. Google was aiming for a lower price range of $200-$600, but Schmidt declared that the price tag of the devices will not be bigger than $1,500.

A recent update reveals several features of the portable Glass gadgets. According to the report, the device may be controlled with simple winks, pinches and various head movements. Users could simply wink in order to take pictures, whereas pinching the air with the thumb and index fingers could help them zoom in and out the pictures.

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