Google Gathered 8000 People To Test ‘Glass’

Google organized a contest for consumers who wanted to be the first to wear and test their “Glass” futuristic gadget. They have, thus, managed to gather 8000 respondents, who took the time to submit their 50-word applications through Twitter or Google Plus explaining what they would do with the technology that is being prepared by the software company.

The selection process has been pleasant, yet difficult because many Google consumers have expressed their wish to take part in the testing. The company received many applications from U.S. residents, but only 8000 were allowed to take part in the selection. The winners were first notified on Tuesday, but some of them might withdraw from the research given the conditions they have to fulfill.

According to Google, respondents must really love technology to be willing to spend $1,500 for a test version of the product. The device is available only in the most important Google centers, so the persons who have been selected will have to travel to San Francisco, New York or Los Angeles to get their device. Depending on the impression that the smart glasses will make on respondents, the product could be available on the market by the end of the year or at the beginning of 2014.

Tech nerds, however, are willing to go great lengths to be the first to get their hands on a pair of glasses. Their ambition is further fueled by the envy that they will get from other Google fans, who won’t be able to test the product unless it is officially released. The fact that Google is the first to start a new trend of wearable device has also convinced people to submit their applications for the research.

Google Glass will help smartphone owners perform many of the tasks they usually fulfill with their mobile devices without using their hands. Taking pictures, dialing phone numbers and even verifying the email are all performed through voice commands. Active consumers, who like to practice all sorts of sports are expected to be among the first to purchase these devices because it will be easier to control their devices and keep in touch with their friends.

It wasn’t only their love towards technological items that convinced Google to select these respondents, but also their intensions to put the camera to good use. Some applicants wrote that they will take Google Glass to Veteran Administration hospitals to show World War II soldiers their memorials. Others want to create useful apps that would help authorities fighting in the population’s interest.

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