Google+ Games Turns Google Maps In Game! Play It In February

Google Maps and Google Satellite are interesting enough just to browse through, but according to a recent statement, Google+ Games is planning to turn Google Maps in a game. You can start playing it in February.

In February, Google plans to launch Google Maps Play Your World, which is said to be a game that will make maps fun. PCmag.com writes that the game “is reminiscent of a little handheld toy you might have played with as a child”. The object they are talking about is “a dinky piece of  plastic with some kind of maze that you had to guide a ball through to reach a target”. Apparently, Google will be doing that digitally and on your browser.

The idea sounds good enough and will be interesting, at least, for users that are old enough to remember that toy. Anyway, Geek.com writes that the Google’s new game is a digital version of a real life creation.

Despite the fact there aren’t many details available to drive enthusiasm towards the game, according to Geek.com the “Google Maps game takes advantage of WebGL, a software library that works with JavaScript to create interactive 3D environments right inside your browser”.

 The game works by using the “GPU in your PC, tablet, or phone, content created with WebGL can take advantage of cloud based storage rather than having you install a large program to make things run properly”.

If you are so curious you can’t wait until the release date sometime in February, then you can have a look at a teaser video Google has uploaded on its YouTube channel. You can also see aq real life sample of the game.

By the looks of it, the game is a mix of Marble Madness, Rolling Madness 3D and Labyrinth. Using a sort of Google Maps like layout and a cube – like environment, the purpose of the game is to have the player guide a blue ball through different paths and venues in different places all over the world.

Mashable writes that with Google Maps Play Your World game, Google is trying to popularize Zagat, a restaurant rating service bought in September, 2011.

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