Google Expands Chromebook Family With Acer C7 Model

Google’s Chromebook family has recently welcomed a new member, Acer’s C7 model, which could contribute to the implication of the company in educative projects. Google expects many schools to start using the C7 model because costs are extremely low, PC World, reports.

The first Acer C7 model, which was introduced in November 2012, turned out to be a real hit among Chromebook users. Given the past success of the company, Acer decided to introduce a new prototype in their C7 collection. The new laptop is meant to encourage education even though the starting price was set at $280.

Following in the footsteps of PC makers’ who have chosen to ditch other types of operating systems in favor of the Chrome software, Acer will launch many notebooks running on Google’s OS by the end of the year. Gregg Prendergast, Acer’s vice president of U.S. commercial sales, told the press that the company estimates that many C7 laptops will be adopted by schools to promote education. The technology that C7 notebooks feature is very easy to implement. In addition, kids will find the educative process more attractive due to the manageability of the device.

Other companies, too, have targeted schools as possible customers for their laptops, but the prices they offered where inaccessible for students. Acer’s C710-2055 model is affordable and technologically advanced. Featuring an Intel Celeron 847 processor and 4 GB RAM, the laptop is very fast and therefore, it may be used to perform numerous work and school related activities. Students, who will opt for the new C7 model, will enjoy a longer lasting battery. Due to the improved battery, the notebook will last up to six hours before the first warnings are displayed. This is a major improvement considering that the previous model guaranteed only 3.5 hours of battery life.

Acer’s new C7 model has also been endowed with an attractive design as the company has intuited students’ preference for stylish devices. The notebook weighs 3 pounds and is only 1 inch thick. The 11.6-inch LED-backlit LCD display is big enough to allow students to perform regular activities during their school hours.

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