Google Ends Legal Battle With Book Publishers

Google has finally put an end to its legal battle with book publishers over digital copyright, according to the Associated Press. Authors, however, may open a bigger case because they believe Google is taking advantage of their works.

The Association of American Publishers filed a federal lawsuit against Google Inc. in 2005 over digital copyright. The legal battle ended on Thursday when an American court issued that the Google did not infringe the rights of the Association. American authors, on the other hand, were not satisfied with the sentence of the judges, so Google could get involved into a bigger lawsuit.

The 2005 case was related to the fact that Google scanned books from libraries in order to enrich its Internet search index. The Internet giant declared the respective materials that have been scanned are covered by copyright laws; in spite of this, Google offered to remove some of the books from its search index in order to put an end to the legal battle. Moreover, the company argued that they did not show larger fragments of the copyrighted books if they were not allowed to do so.

Publishers were not satisfied with the last declaration that Google made. They stated that the company should have obtained an explicit permission to display larger fragments of the copyrighted materials. They also accused Google of publishing snippets of texts on their website without having permission.

A first settlement between Google and the Association of American Publishers was reached in 2008 when the Internet company was supposed to pay $125 million to publishers and authors. The settlement was, however, rejected by a federal judge in New York claiming that the decision could affect competition in the digital book market and flout U.S. copyright laws.

The provisions of the current settlement will not require judges’ approval as the resolution of the case will be limited only to the two parties involved in the case. Analysts think people will be able to purchase many more books with the help of Google Play thank to this settlement. The authors of the books are determined to continue the lawsuit and request Google to pay $750 for each book they’ve published in the past eight years.

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