Google Earth Finds Egypt’s Lost Pyramids

The latest thing that sparked controversy online is the 17 lost Egyptian pyramids. Angela Micol, an amateur archaeologist claims to have used Google Earth to find Egypt’s lost pyramids.

Many others have claimed to have solved humanity’s most awe-inspiring mysteries by navigating the world through Google Earth. Some said they’ve found Atlantis, huge crop circles and even some structures believed to be of alien origins.  So, Angela Micol’s finding of Egypt’s lost pyramids might be just another thing to add to the list. The researcher however is certain that’s not the case.

Amateur researcher Angela Micol strongly believes she found the lost pyramids of Egypt. What to most people would be just some Google Earth anomalies, to Angela Micol it was lost pyramids.

Angela Micol discovered using Google Earth two sites she claims to be signs of Egypt’s lost pyramids. The first site is in close proximity to an ancient town’s ruins. A bird’s eye view of the first site shows there are three or more features and a large square formation which Micol says it’s a “truncated pyramidal shape”.

According to Micol the large square formation at the first site is about 140 feet wide. The other three or more smaller features or object or lost pyramids, call it whatever you want, seem to be aligned just like the pyramids on the Giza Plateau.

The second site Micol claims it features Egypt’s lost pyramids is 12 miles from Abu Sidhum, a Nile city. The site features 5 so called pyramids, two of medium size, two small and one large with a triangular plateau. From what Google Earth is showing, it looks like the large triangular plateau has regular sides that appear to have suffered major erosion.

But as excited as Micol might be about her discovery of Egypt’s lost pyramids using Google Earth, critics are blunt in dismissing her findings. Archaeologist Sarah Parcak with the University of Alabama said: “These Google Earth reports are coming from someone who is neither an Egyptologist, an archaeologist, or a remote sensing specialist, and from an area where there is no earthly reason to have a pyramid”.

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