Google Drive Skids; Users Can’t Access Files

Google Drive, the technology of the future, which allows people to upload their personal files on an online account and access them from all over the world, has experienced some unexpected glitches in the past days. Users, who were unable to access the data they have previously stored on the Internet, received a message from Google notifying them that the problem was being treated by developers, CNET News informs.

If you were in desperate need of accessing your online files from your Google Drive account, you would have been disappointed to see that the regular home screen was replaced by an error message. The text wrote that the “server could not complete the user’s request” and suggested visitors to perform the request again after 30 seconds.

Google discussed the matter on its status page, as well, announcing users that they are investigating the issue and will provide more information after a short period of time. The message was posted around 7:17 a.m. PT, but the program was still not available after several hours. Around 12:30 P.M. the software company made another declaration telling people that they are aware of the problems that some users may encounter with Google Drive. They further promised to post an update as soon as they got more details about the bug affecting the program.

Judging by the comments that users have made after Google’s announcement, we take it that they were not very pleased with the glitches they have encountered. In addition, the origin of the comments indicates that users all over the world have had the same problems. Yet, some Google Drive accounts have been accessed, which means the error is not universal.

CNET News reporters have been able to access their accounts, in spite of the online discussions. They have, nevertheless, noticed that the website was slower than ever, so clearly Google has to spend the following period mending the website. As soon as developers make new discoveries, the data will be posted on Google’s status page.

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