Google could be releasing VR Headset in 2016

Apparently, Google has another interest in the world of tech devices. The famous company is believed to be working at a virtual reality headset that will be released on the market sooner than what many people may initially imagine. 

So, a new report released by the Financial Times actually indicated that Google will be releasing its VR headset this year. While the date of the release has not been reported, many analysts seem to believe that this will happen sometime during the fall, most likely in September. With such a release, Google is expected to launch an important competitor to Samsung’s device, the Gear VR. 

However, it is expected for Google’s device to offer more than the product released by Samsung, meaning that most likely it will be capable of supporting more devices than what the Samsung Gear VR can offer at the moment. This device works exclusively with Samsung’s smart products.

Furthermore, Google’s upcoming VR headset is expected to bring more functionalities than the Google Cardboard, considered to be the first contact the company had with virtual reality. Thus, there is no wonder that this is expected to be an interesting device. 

The Google Cardboard was considered to be the beginning of virtual reality for Google and the upcoming headset is said to come with improved capabilities, such as “better sensors, lenses and a more sold plastic casting.” Google has not officially confirmed or denied the rumors, thus, it remains unclear for now if the report is true. 

However, the fact that the tech giant is interested in the domain of virtual reality is no secret, so, if the rumors will be confirmed and Google will be releasing such a product, there will be no shock. However, a series of questions remain, such as if the release of a VR headset would mean that Google will be discontinuing its Cardboard. 

Although the rumor is yet to be confirmed, most likely the Financial Times’ report is not far away from the truth. Numerous companies have shown great interest in virtual reality possibilities lately and Google will surely make no exception from this point of view. 

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