Google Celebrates Earth Day With Complex Doodle

Google created a complex Earth Day doodle for the 43rd anniversary of our planet. The doodle contains all the distinctive elements of our planet, as well as the famous logo of the software company, the Associated Press reports.

Creating the Earth Day doodle was a difficult task for developers at Google as the interactive drawing had to be provided with as many nature elements as possible. The image that greeted Internet users on Google’s page on Monday showcased an interactive landscape going through the four season of the year. The moon and the sun supersede each other on the doodle sky, each sun rise and sunset leading to a new season. The moon is depicted in its four main phases: full, half, crescent and gibbous.

Google did not include just the temporal cycle, but also the various weather conditions affecting the Earth throughout a year. Thus, the image goes from sunny to rainy and eventually to snowy. There are many elements on the doodle that may be clicked to produce various effects. Rain, for instance, is created by clicking on the clouds during the autumn or spring, whereas snowflakes fall if you click clouds in the winter.

The Earth is known for its rich fauna and flora, but Google chose to insert only the most common species in its doodle. The green field is covered by a G-shaped garden of dandelions and the two O’s in Google are represented by two caves populated by bears. The second G and the final E are re-created as a river populated with fish. The L stands out from the rest of the elements because represented as a tall tree. By clicking on various elements in the doodle, you can see ants, fireflies, birds and even a badger appearing on the screen.

The 2013 Earth Day doodle is probably one of the most complex, yet subtle that Google has ever created. Doodler Leon Hong was very pleased with the anniversary image they have created and invited people to discover hidden elements by playing with the interactive components.

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