Google Buys Green Throttle Games

Speculation on Google’s intentions to buy Green Throttle Games increased in the past few days. Green Throttle was launched in 2012, but it closed down last year in mysterious circumstances. 

So, rumors indicate now that Google has acquired Green Throttle, increasing speculation on the technology giant’s intention to release a set-top box and a game console. Green Throttle is well known for building Android smartphone controllers. 

As Green Throttle was shut down in November 2013, it is believed that this was the moment when the acquisition was finalized. Back in November, the famous Green Throttle Arena app was removed by the company from Google Play and Amazon App Store, while all backend support has ceased. 

Pando Daily confirmed that the acquisition has been completed and now Google owns Green Throttle Games.

Green Throttle Games was founded in 2012, by Charles Huang, Matt Crowley and Karl Townsend. Charles Huang is actually well known, being the co-founder of Guitar Hero, as well. He is the only one of the co-founders who decided to keep the rights to Green Throttle. On the other hand, Crowley and Townsend have joined Google, although their job titles remain unknown for now. 

The new acquisition only increases rumors that Google is showing interest on the set-top box market. It is speculated that the tech giant has been working at these products for months now, so we may actually see the new release very soon. It is believed that the acquisition of this company will bring more gaming into the set-top box that Google is rumored to release on the market soon. 

First rumors on the development of this new Google project surfaced in June, when it was claimed that Google was working at the release of an Android-powered gaming console. 

Naturally, no other details regarding this acquisition have been made public at this point, so it is yet to see what Google really plans on doing. However, Pando Daily claimed that the deal was confirmed by a spokesperson for Google. Well, only time will tell what Google wants to develop and when the new project will be presented to the public. 

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