Google and Apple finally settle Legal Battle

The legal battles in which Apple is involved have managed to cause a lot of debates. One of them is the lawsuit against Google. However, it seems that after months of debates Apple and Google have finally been able to reach an agreement, as reports reveal that the two technology giants have reached a deal. 

So, the lawsuits that Apple and Google have filed against each other regarding smartphone patents have been settled now. The two companies announced on Friday that they are dropping about two dozen lawsuits in the United States, as well as in many other European countries. 

Naturally, the main reason to these disputes is linked to the operating system that is used in the iPhone and the Android created by Google. The case extends to also involve Samsung, which has been battling Apple for quite some time now, Apple claiming that Samsung copied their technology. 

However, since Apple and Google have reached an agreement, maybe Samsung will also be able to reach a deal with Apple regarding the accusations on smartphone technology theft. Apple first filled its lawsuit against Google’s Motorola unit back in 2010. Since then, that unit of Motorola has been purchased by Lenovo. 

To announce the news, Apple and Google have issued a joint statement which indicates that the two companies plan on working together on patent reform. They also mentioned that the agreement does not include the cross licensing of technology. 

The world of smartphones has become in the past few years a world in which Google and Apple have been trying to bring greater technology to its users and become the leader of the market. While the Android is the most used operating system of the two, the iPhone and its iOS are still as popular as possible. 

The real reason why Apple and Google have decided to reach an agreement and what the terms of this agreement say is naturally unknown for now. However, the fact that the two are still batting to gain control of the smartphone world remains a certain fact. Still, what the two tech giants plan for next remain something yet to be discovered. 

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