“Godfather” Author Heirs Pursue Vendetta Against Paramount

Based on a recent report published by the Associated Press, “Godfather” author heirs pursue vendetta against Paramount pictures because the latter breached their agreement. Mario Puzo’s son requests Paramount to end the production of further “Godfather” sequels claiming that they do not own rights for them.

Paramount Pictures and the heir of the “Godfather” author, Mario Puzo, are expected to meet in court on Thursday. Both parties claim that their rights have been infringed, but it’s up to the judges to decide who is right and who isn’t.

Mario Puzo’s son, Anthony, requests judges to prevent Paramount from producing other “Godfather” movies in the future. His lawyers have stated in court papers that in December, Paramount tried to stop the publication of “The Family Corleone”, a “Godfather” sequel that was published in May.

Paramount, however, decided to take the case to court in order to oblige Anthony Puzo to take the book off the market. They sued the author’s son in March claiming that they own rights in every book that is published as a sequel to the famous movie. They mentioned the 1969 contract that the company signed with Mario Puzo in support of their requests. In their opinion, the document stated that Paramount has bought all rights and copyright interests to “Godfather”, as well as other books or films that will be produced containing characters taken from the movie. In the end, Paramount lawyers said in court papers that the only rights that Anthony Puzo has is to publish the original “Godfather” book, as well as other adapted versions.

Judges will decide whether the contract foresees a difference between book publication rights and the rights that Paramount could acquire. In any case, Paramount may be held reliable for using aggressive strategies to prevent the publication of the new book.  

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