GM Ordered New Ignition Switches Before Recall

General Motors has been in the middle of one of the biggest scandals in the history of automakers. The popular company has recalled millions of cars to deal with various defects, but the most impressive GM recall of the year has surely been linked to the ignition switches. 

Now, it has been revealed that General Motors has actually ordered no less than half-million replacement ignition switches to fix Chevrolet Cobalts. According to the reports, this actually happened about two months before the famous car maker announced federal safety regulators about the problem. 

The ignition switches issue has been linked until now to over 30 deaths. Naturally, this brought a lot of criticism to GM, which claimed that the bad management of the company led to this situation. Moreover, there were some reports which revealed that General Motors had actually known about the issue for years, but did nothing to have it solved. 

The latest revelations were made after The Wall Street Journal entered into the possession of some emails between GM and its ignition-switch supplier. The emails date back to mid-December 2013. They reveal that General Motors asked its supplier to replace no less than 500,000 ignition switches in its cars. It has been claimed that in December, GM talked about the prospect of a recall, but maybe they considered it was not the case to be doing so. The official recall came on February 7. 

This case has managed to lead to an impressive auto-safety crisis, affecting the entire industry. However, it also managed to show car makers how important it can be to act as soon as they trace an issue in their cars. And it surely seemed to have worked, as car makers nowadays seem to be more concerned with safety and seem to react faster when it comes to recalls. 

GM has not officially commented on these latest revelations, so the famous car maker avoided talking about these emails. GM still has to face a trial in January 2016, which was filed against the famous company by a group of complainants, who claim economic loss, death or injury, linked to this defect.

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